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08/07/13 05:09 PM #1    


Felton T. Sessoms (1965)

Welcome to the Northampton County High School Classes Of 1936 - 1970 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/09/13 03:03 PM #2    


Felton T. Sessoms (1965)

Please take time to sign up for the newly created NCHS website.  You can send info to

09/29/14 03:44 PM #3    


Claudette Hyslop (Davis)

I love the website and visit it frequently.

02/22/15 06:29 AM #4    

Melvin W. Williams, Jr, (1963)

Would like to establish contact with you, if possiblesmiley

02/28/15 04:23 AM #5    

Melvin W. Williams, Jr, (1963)

My intentions are to attend this class reunion because I may have a lot more free time and to possible probe on the effects of dangerous  chemicals and environmental conditions that we and our family members were exposed to back in the day.

02/28/15 02:57 PM #6    

Ynetta Spady (Johnson)

Who are you sending the message to? Anyone in partucular or felton sessoms?

03/06/15 09:02 PM #7    

Melvin W. Williams, Jr, (1963)

An open message. Thanks for your attention to it and hoping it generates some thought.

08/19/15 08:20 PM #8    


Ethel Kellam (Graves) (1965)

Just added new photos of the Class Reunion (2015) to my page. Check out my page everyone when you can and click on the photos to see ...who's who...enjoy.

08/20/15 03:59 PM #9    


Felton T. Sessoms (1965)

Great pics Ethel!  Thanks for sharing!

10/26/16 11:57 AM #10    

Beverly Christian (1965)

I love the website, I visit often to get updates on my classmates  (65). Beverly Christian 

10/27/16 08:56 AM #11    


Felton T. Sessoms (1965)

Thanks Bev!  I've been busy over the. Summer and neglected the site, however I plan to do better over the coming months!  Happy belated birthday!  Continue to enjoy the site!

10/28/16 02:00 PM #12    

Beverly Christian (1965)

Thanks, have a great Thanksgiving , much love.



04/20/19 05:59 PM #13    

Mary Johnson (Harmon) (1960)

Hi Felton,

How are you. Could you add my brother  "Alfred R. Johnson, Jr." aka Joe Boy, to the current  deceased list.

Also, what is the address to send a donation to the NCHS Alumni Foundation, Inc.? Can't  find the form or anything.

Thank you,

Mary Johnson Harmon (Dooley)





04/21/19 06:21 PM #14    


Felton T. Sessoms (1965)

Thank you Dooley!  I will get the address for the Foundstion from Steve. 

Felton ‘65

09/10/19 09:24 PM #15    

Pauline Mapp (Foreman) (1968)

Don't see the 8/2019 NCHS Reunion pixs in the photo gallery yet?!

05/26/21 06:55 PM #16    

Pauline Mapp (Foreman) (1968)

Felton Sessoms:

Were pictures of the 2015 Alumni Reunion posted?


05/27/21 10:47 AM #17    


Felton T. Sessoms (1965)

Pauline, check out Ethel Kellam Graves page to view pics from 2015.


05/28/21 06:30 PM #18    

Pauline Mapp (Foreman) (1968)

Okay.  Thanks.

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